Berber Carpet is a high quality carpet that is a popular pick for carpeting in residential homes. It has a tight weave and a low loop pile making it the preferred choice for high-traffic areas. Unfortunately, when it gets pulled up by the vacuum cleaner or snagged by your pets teeth or claws it will unravel like your favorite sweater. It is important to have this repaired as soon as possible as this damaged area will continue to grow in both size and price. When you call our local office at 602-688-4186, our friendly staff will ask a couple of questions and then provide you with a free, over the phone estimate. Once you schedule your appointment we will send you a confirmation email with a picture of the technician that is coming so you will know who to expect at your home. The technician will call you on the day of your appointment about thirty minutes prior to his arrival so you know what time he will arrive. Once onsite he will evaluate the damaged area and let you know the process that he is going to use to repair the area. If you do not have extra carpet to use from the original installation then he will go into the back of a closet that has matching carpet and take a section from there to use. He will then replace that carpet with a completely, non-matching beige or brown carpet. If you are concerned with what goes back in the closet we suggest going to Home Depot or Lowes and finding a similar carpet remnant. If you have that onsite at the time of your appointment our tech will be happy to put that back in the closet for you so you are not left with a hole. We accept debit, credit or cash and you can take care of payment with your tech onsite, once the work has been completed.