If you have pets it is more than likely that at some point you will experience damage to your carpet. Our cats and dogs are cute and friendly but even the best behaved animals can cause damage in your home. It’s definitely better if you can prevent the damage from occurring in the first place. Everyone knows that cats love to scratch! Whether it’s your carpet, your furniture, your curtains, or your walls and trim, they are always looking for ways to sharpen their claws. The easiest thing you can do is provide them with scratching posts or cardboard scratching pads. Always redirect their behavior if you catch them scratching where they shouldn’t be. Now dogs, they can get bored being at home by themselves. If that happens they can chew on your furniture, your door trim or dig and tear at your carpet. Dogs definitely need to be exercised daily to help release nervous energy.  If he’s too tired he won’t destroy your carpet. If you still experience carpet damage then our trusted company is here to help. We handle carpet repair calls from pet damage on a daily basis. Taking extra carpet remnant from your original installation our techs will cut out the damaged area and permanently graft in the new carpet section. If you do not have extra carpet available our tech can take a section of matching carpet from the back of a closet to use for the visible repair. The tech will then replace that carpet with a completely, non-matching carpet remnant. If you are concerned about the carpet that goes back into the closet, we always suggest that you go to Home Depot or Lowes and find a carpet that is similar to what you have in the home. If you purchase a section of that similar carpet our tech would be happy to put that back into the closet for you. Call our office at 623-433-8459 for a free, over the phone estimate or to schedule your carpet repair appointment.