Pet damage to carpet is what keeps our company in business. Everyday we receive calls from customers whose dog or cat has torn up their carpet. Typically this damage is the doorways to bedrooms. This is because the dog or cat either gets locked in a room and wants out or because they were locked out and wanted in. They will claw, dig or bite at the carpet tearing both the carpet and the carpet padding underneath. Of course, when you initially see it you may be worried that you will now need to replace all of the carpeting in the room or home. This is extremely stressful for those people who are renting their home and have a deposit. Thankfully, our technicians are all highly experienced in carpet repair. If you have extra carpet remnants left over from the original installation we will permanently graft in that matching carpet for the repair. If you do not have extra carpet, then we will need to take matching carpet from the back of a closet. So you are not left with a hole in the closet we will replace that carpet with a non-matching beige or light brown carpet. If you are concerned with the color difference we suggest that you go to Home Depot or Lowes and find a similar colored carpet and our technician will be happy to use that in the closet. We do also include carpet padding at no additional charge in small areas as needed. After the carpet repair, if needed, we can clean your carpets at the same appointment. We use a truck mounted, hot water steam extraction cleaner with a neutral rinse so that provides a zero residue finish meaning there is no soap residue left behind and the carpet is nice and soft to the touch. Call our office at 623-433-8459 for a free, over the phone estimate for our services.