Even carpets need TLC, and we are a company that gets that. If you have pets, we understand accidents happen. We offer four different levels of pet odor remedies because sometimes, Febreeze just doesn’t cut it but don’t take our word for it. Book your next appointment with us, and let our products, and our technique do the talking.

What the owner says:
“Our deodorizers are green products that work great—they don’t just mask smells. They have a natural enzyme in them that breaks down problem odors like urine and even cigarette smoke, devouring them at a molecular level. They continue to work their magic on odors for up to two weeks after we apply them. Pet urine is a tough odor. Remember, dogs and cats will urinate again and again in the same area because they are attracted to the scent. This product can help REMOVE the odor.”

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