No matter how hard we try, our carpet will still get dirty and need stretching.  We can try and keep up with life and vacuum up the crumbs and blot up the spills, but the carpet will still continue to get dirty, retaining smells and allergens, and need regular cleaning. Though regular vacuuming and cleaning up spills and accidents right away is recommended, it still is not enough.

This carpet in Scottsdale needs stretched and cleaned. Carpet needs stretched for various reasons. Maybe it was not properly installed, or maybe the humidity or temperature changed to cause a wrinkle or ripple. Here the wrinkle was along the edge of the wall. But, a carpet ripple can be in the middle of a room or hallway or along an edge. No matter the location, if you have bumps and wrinkles they need professionally taken care of.


Scottsdale clean and stretch2 Scottsdale clean and stretch4 Scottsdale clean and stretch5 Scottsdale clean and stretch6